These Doodles Perfectly Sum Up Our Dating Lives, From Running Into Exes To Finding The One

"Call me back during 'The Bachelor' ad breaks."

Artist Chaz Hutton knows how to take all of life's complications and express them as perfectly crafted, relatable illustrated graphs. 

Last year, we couldn't get enough of his graphs that summed up adult life situations, like learning to budget or dealing with a hangover. Now, Hutton has come out with new illustrations that depict what it's like to date, and they show everything from running into an ex, the inevitable cycle with Tinder, finding "the one," and even the awkwardness of unexpected sex scenes in movies. 

"It's nice to put something on my page and have people confirm you're not the only one who feels that way," Hutton told The Huffington Post. "There are some things with dating that are fairly universal; generally, everyone's navigating the same oceans of awkwardness, mishaps and utter failures."

Scroll through Hutton's illustrations — each one paired with an equally witty caption by the artist — because if nothing else, it's sure to remind you that no matter what life throws at you, you're not alone. 


" 'Nope, I'm not doing that shit again'. [stares at glass of wine for one, then at cat, then opens up App Store]"

"If there was actually anything to watch on Netflix, this probably wouldn't be a thing."

" 'Oh these clothes? they're um ... the new Yeezy collection, OK bye, good chat!' (Runs into traffic)"

"OK, call me back during 'The Bachelor' ad breaks"

And this one, too:

Find more on Hutton's Instagram account here.

(H/T: The Huffington Post

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