The Silliness Of Life Is Perfectly Explained In These 17 Charts

#5 is too real.

Things in life can get a bit complicated sometimes. But that's the exact reason why we should be able to reflect on the absurdity of some of these situations, and laugh. 

Chaz Hutton, an architect based in London, perfectly breaks it down for us by drawing silly charts on post-it notes and sharing them on his Instagram account. His charts might be funny, but they sure as heck are accurate when it comes to explaining... well, life.

"If emoji are the hieroglyphics of our time, then post-its are the scrolls, I envisage that historians of the future will unfurl scrunched up ancient post-it notes in order to unlock the secrets of the 2010s to an intrigued future society," Hutton told BuzzFeed when asked about his choice of Post-It notes.

Scroll down to see some of our favorites and let us know if you agree.

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