The Kids Were Out, So He Played An Amazing Cover Of 'Titanium' On His Son's Toy Piano

"I hope you like it."

Musician Chase Holfelder is known for covering popular songs, such as Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and The Police's "Every Breath You Take." He puts his own signature spin on them by often singing them in minor key. For his latest video, he decided to cover Sia and David Guetta's massive hit "Titanium."


But he did the whole thing on his son's toy piano.

The dad explained on Reddit that when his kids were out of the house, he used the opportunity to record the cover. In the video, we see Holfelder sit at the mini toy piano with a Mr. Potato Head on top of it. He then proceeds to bust out one of the more impressive covers of the song we've heard. 

At the end of the video, Holfelder explained, "I know that song has been covered a thousand times by a thousand different people, but I've always wanted to cover it, so I hope you like it." In the Reddit thread, he also mentions that he made a few tweaks to the finished song, saying, "There is added reverb, compression, and a touch of tuning on the three part harmonies at the end. Some stuff is necessary when trying to make a recording sound worth 99 cents on iTunes."

One Redditor voiced what we were all thinking when they pointed out that what's almost as impressive as Holfelder's cover, is how clean his son's room is. To this, Holfelder replied, "Believe me, it wasn't before the cameras started rolling. Twenty minutes of the "shoot" was me cleaning shit up." 

"Oh good, you are a real person," someone responded. 


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