Grandpa-Of-The-Year Picked Up Drawing And Learned Instagram To Connect With His Grandchildren

"It made me sad. I never thought about my dad's death 'til then. Then, I had an idea."

For some seniors, learning new technology can be burdensome and extremely difficult. But when Chan Jae realized learning to use Instagram could be a valuable way to connect with his grandkids in the future, he was happy to oblige. 

The 75-year-old spent time with his grandsons, Allan and Arthur, every day when he drove them to school in Brazil. But the kids later moved to South Korea, leaving the retired grandfather to miss them deeply and feel lonely. 

Jae's son, Ji Lee, started to worry about his father's well-being. The designer remembered that when he was a child, his father used to draw for him. So, Lee asked his father if he'd consider picking up drawing again and post his work to Instagram.

Jae had never heard of Instagram and hated the idea of drawing, but when Lee had a son, Astro, the grandfather had a change of heart. In a video posted to Facebook, Lee shared Jae's journey to falling back in love with drawing and learning to use social media. 


"My dad fell in love with Astro," Lee wrote in the video. "While he was in New York, I was determined to teach Instagram to my dad. But it wasn't going well. He HATED it." 

Then, one night at dinner, Jae asked a question. "I wonder what Astro will become when he grows up ... "

"Why?" Lee asked. 

"Because I won't be around anymore." 

That's when Lee proposed the idea that Jae create a drawing series dedicated to his three grandchildren so they'd have a way to connect even after Jae was gone. Jae loved this idea, and learned Instagram and became eager to draw again. 

On his account, drawings_for_my_grandchildren, Jae tries to share a new illustration every day. He draws everything from plants, to animals, to his family, and tries to caption each one with an informative or sweet message for his grandchildren to read. 

The account now has over 92,000 followers and the video Lee posted about his father's journey has been watched 2.8 million times. Learning something new may not always be easy, but let Jae's story serve as an example that it can definitely be worth it. 

Check out some of our favorites from the Instagram below:



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