Man Returns To His Hometown To Accept Apology From His Junior High Bully

The two reconnected on Facebook after the bully sought forgiveness.

West Hollywood visual designer ChadMichael Morrisette wasn't expecting to hear from one of the many people who bullied him back in his hometown of Eagle River, Alaska, but that's exactly what happened when he received a Facebook message from Louie Amundson, some 20 years after Morrisette left home at 15, vowing never to return.

"It wasn't one guy, it was six or seven guys who would follow me in the hallways," Morrisette recalled in an interview with Yahoo Parenting two years ago "harassing me, insulting me, threatening my life." (Morrisette's story has since been resurfaced by aggregator TwentyTwoWords.)

Suffice it to say, Amundson's message caught him off-guard. "It unlocked something in me I didn't realize I'd been holding onto," Morrisette told Yahoo. "I cried a little bit. It was so moving."

Amundson's note came in the wake of a chat with his daughter about bullying.

"Hey Chad," Amundson wrote, "I was recently talking with my 10 year old daughter about bullies. She asked me if I ever bullied anyone and sadly I had to say 'yes.' What came to mind is how shitty and mean I was to you in Jr. High. I want to apologize. If we lived in the same state I would apologize to your face. I don't know if you remember, but I do and I am sorry."

"I can't take back the names I called him, and the threats I made toward him, but I can apologize," Amundson told Yahoo. "It doesn't excuse my behavior as a child in any way, but as an adult it's the best I can do to try to make it up to him."

Morissette was moved by Amundson's sincerity and offered him forgiveness.

"Louie," Morissette replied. "I'm quite moved by this. Thank you and (I) accept your apology. In 20 years you are the only person to apologize for being a bully to me when we were younger. I hope you can proudly tell your daughter that you have also apologized for it, and that we are good. It's amazing what 20 years and children can do to us, no? Thank you again, and I hope you stand up to bullying anytime you see it. Have a great day! ChadMichael."

The two men later reunited in Eagle River in a stunning show of forgiveness and understanding captured by Inside Edition.

Watch the video below.

Theologian Frederick Buechner once wrote,

"When somebody you've wronged forgives you, you're spared the dull and self-diminishing throb of a guilty conscience. When you forgive somebody who has wronged you, you're spared the dismal corrosion of bitterness and wounded pride. For both parties, forgiveness means the freedom again to be at peace inside their own skins and to be glad in each other's presence."

It's never too late to try to find forgiveness... or to offer it to someone who needs it. And everyone needs it. 


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