You Can Raise Your GPA, Reduce Anxiety, And Become Happier By Doing One Little Thing

It may be easier said than done.

If you want to stay calm, keep your grades up, and be happier this semester,

Try turning off your cell phone.

A recent study of cell phone use among college students by researchers at Kent State University found that "high frequency cell phone users tended to have lower GPA, higher anxiety and lower Satisfaction with Life relative to their peers who used the cell phone less often."

Noting research about the prevalence of cell phone technology among American college-aged adults, the researchers focus on the relationship between cell phone use, health and technology.

"Considering that cell phones and their growing suite of applications are typically within arm"s reach of nearly everyone," the researchers wrote, "it is worth considering what influence they may have on users" beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and behavioral outcomes."

In an earlier study of college student cell phone users. the researchers found a "significant negative relationship between cell phone use and cardiorespiratory fitness," indicating that high-frequency cell phone users were more likely to be sedentary and with lower levels of fitness than peers who used their phone less often.

Some interesting facts:

According to the Pew Center,

•63% of adults use their phones for internet access.
•30% of 18+ social media users report having at least one account includes their location at any given time.
•34% use their phones as their primary method of internet access.
•67% check their phones for messages and alerts without their cell phone ringing or vibrating.
•44% have slept with their phones at their bedside.

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Sources: Pew Center, Science Daily, IJBNPA.

Images/cover photo(s):Giphy, Garry Knight (Image labeled for reuse by Creative Commons.)



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