Looks Like Celine Dion's Rendition Of Adele's 'Hello' Just Slayed All The Other Covers

Hello, Celine.


Just when we thought everyone must be bored of all the covers of Adele's "Hello," Celine Dion took the stage. During her New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas, the music legend surprised her fans by saying she wanted Adele to be part of their celebration. 

After pausing for the crowd to cheer, Dion said, "Don't panic, she's not in the building." 

You can kind of sense the disappointment in the audience, because who wouldn't want to ring in the New Year with a surprise appearance from Adele? The crowd quickly recovered, though, once they heard just how beautifully Dion could belt out the song. 

Not only did the crowd love it, but a video of the performance has already reached nearly three million views on YouTube to date. 


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