10 Times Real Life Heroes Made These Kids The Happiest People Ever

So lucky!

Bringing a smile to a child is one of the many free joys in our pricey world.


While a kid would be joyous no matter who was making them happy, there always seems to be a little extra magic when it's one of their favorite celebrities and heroes.

Whether it is their favorite athlete, actor or musician, when a celebrity makes that special appearance, they are able to take away all of the childs' fears and unease at least for that moment.

It might be a small task compared to starring in a big budget movie or delivering that game winning touchdown pass, but that small endeavor can do so much.

Here are 10 times celebs made a child's day better and gave them something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

10. Nicki Minaj recently visited The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. During her visit, some had the chance to sing for the Queen of Pop.

Nicki also held a very special Q&A where the kids were able to ask her about her pet turtle, favorite foods and more.

9. Jim Harbaugh held a press conference with a twist. Instead of regular reporters, the kids asked him the hard-hitting questions. Like this one.

As per Bleacher Report, Harbaugh responded, " Drink as much milk as your little belly can hold, at all times. It could be chocolate milk, it could be the 2 percent, but the ideal is the whole milk. That's the ideal. As much as your little belly can hold."

8. As a friendly Super Bowl bet back in January, the two super heroes Chris Pratt and Chris Evans visited a children's hospital of each others' choosing.

Chris Pratt visited The Children's Hospital of Orange County

Then they both visited Seattle Children's Hospital, with Evans in full Captain America garb.

7. Even after losing the BIG ONE to the New England Patriots, Russell Wilson continued his weekly tradition of visiting The Seattle Children's Hospital. This little girl was ecstatic to see him, win or lose.

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6. On Christmas Eve, actress Jennifer Lawrence gave these kids the best present that didn't require bows and ribbons. Sometimes a little holiday spirit, can go a long way.

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5. What's better than seeing Spiderman the movie? How about when Andrew Garfield shows up in full costume to your pizza party.

Andrew Garfield visits kids in London wearing full Spider-man costume

4. As this story goes, someone handed David Ortiz their baby right before the national anthem started. The Red Sox slugger held the baby throughout the entire song.

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3. What happens when Johnny Depp shows up to a children's hospital as Captain Jack Sparrow? Pure magic.

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2. He may look like a bully, but John Cena actually has a heart of pure gold. Just watch him make this kids day as he gives him the full WWE treatment.

1. Is there anything better than a personal Taylor Swift concert? We think not. Watch how he lights up as soon as she hits that first guitar chord.

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