11 Times Celebrities Surprised Their Biggest Fans

These will make you smile until your cheeks hurt.

For most of us, we only see our favorite celebrities on stage or on screen. But for a lucky few, celebrity encounters are a bit more exciting — for example, when celebrities surprise their fans.


There's something so special about seeing that look of shock and joy on a fan's face when they unexpectedly meet their favorite star. It's truly incredible how much one can affect a person's life through their talent. If you're in the mood to keep smiling until your cheeks hurt, we've got a roundup of our favorite stars surprising fans videos.

1. When The Rock and Jimmy Fallon photobombed fans.

A photobomb can ruin a perfect picture — unless the photobomber is your favorite celeb. In a playful prank, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon surprised fans with a hilarious photobombing session. 

2. When Jennifer Lawrence gave her fans a pop quiz.

Movie stars surprising fans, such as Jennifer Lawrence springing a surprise pop quiz to unexpected fans walking down Hollywood Boulevard, will always be a treat. The award-winning actress randomly asked her fans to name five movies she has ever starred in, but many were too stunned to remember even one.

3. When these Spice Girls fans got the surprise of a lifetime.

It's not every day you get to tell your favorite pop star how much they mean to you. In a BuzzFeed video, a group of devoted Spice Girls fans shared just how much the singing group impacted their lives. Little did they know Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton was listening and would soon after pop in to thank them personally. 

4. When Ed Sheeran interrupted his little fan’s performance.

Celebrities surprising fans on Ellen is one of the many reasons why we love the show. This time, DeGeneres invited 8-year-old singer and huge Ed Sheeran fan Kai to sing his rendition of "Thinking Out Loud." The little guy sang his heart out, unaware that his idol was standing right behind him. 

5. When Sam Smith crashed this wedding.

Singer Sam Smith gave a newlywed couple a night to remember when he crashed their wedding to give a surprise performance. The special moment, which was arranged by one of the brides' niece, left the couple in happy tears. "When he walked through the door I just thought, 'Wow, that is actually Sam Smith. This does not happen to us.' It was just another level," bride Lisa Best gushed.

6. When Lorde gave her fans a surprise treasure hunt.

Lorde is almost always surprising her fans. Whether it's a surprise carpool ride with a fan to school or surprising a fan with an invite to a huge music festival, Lorde knows how to make her fans feel special. In honor of her 21s birthday, the singer hid surprise gifts for her fans around New Zealand. 

7. When Beyoncé joined in on a school dance routine.

Imagine learning the latest Beyoncé dance routine and then getting the chance to perform it alongside Queen Bey herself. That's what happened to the students at P.S./M.S. 161 Don Pedro Albizu Campos! As part of Michelle Obama's 2011 Lets Move! public health campaign, Beyoncé created a flash workout initiative for kids and adults around the country to enjoy. But who knew she'd actually pop up for a surprise dance party? The viral moment is surely something these kids won't ever forget. 

8. When Chadwick Boseman surprised "Black Panther" fans.

Black Panther was not just a movie, it was a meaningful and prideful moment for so many fans. On The Tonight Show, fans got the chance to share what the movie meant for them, but they had no idea the Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, was just a few feet away listening in. 

9. When John Legend gave a free concert during rush hour.

The hustle and bustle of the morning rush can be daunting. But on one Wednesday morning in London, singer John Legend treated commuters at London's St. Pancras International train station to a surprise piano performance. Legend isn't the only "legend" who has played the station's famous piano: Sir Elton John also played an impromptu show for travelers back in 2016. How's that for starting your morning right?

10. When former First Lady Michelle Obama gave Americans the most heartfelt goodbye.

For her final appearance on The Tonight Show as the first lady of The United States, Michelle Obama surprised her biggest supporters with the most emotional and heartfelt goodbye. People were given the chance to say how much Mrs. Obama meant to them, but little did they know she was listening in nearby. 

11. When John Boyega pranked "Star Wars" fans.

Die-hard Star Wars fans got a surprise of a lifetime when the movie's actor John Boyega photobombed their Star Wars shoot. In honor of the movie's Orlando celebration, fans dressed up in costumes of their favorite characters. While they posed alongside BB-8 for some red carpet photos, Boyega posed in the background. You can imagine their surprise when they saw Finn himself. 


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