Celebrities Share The Very Weird Things Their Parents Did When They Were Kids

Guess which star's parents kept the hair from her haircuts in a plastic bag with her name on it.

We have good news: celebrities also have parents that do embarrassingly weird things. Yep, they're just like ours. 

"What's something your parents did when you were a kid that you didn't realize was weird until you grew up?" 

Reddit user Theonewhoclockss submitted this question on the AskReddit thread. The beautiful minds behind Vanity Fair's videos decided to pose it to celebrities to respond to on camera. 

We found out some pretty bizarre things about the featured stars' childhoods. Bryce Dallas Howard was named after the place she was conceived in, Adam Pally was forced to listen to lobster die while his dad cooked them, and Ellen Page's parents ordered her salads at fast-food restaurants. 

Chelsea Handler knows her parents have been and will always be weird. "They should both be ashamed of themselves," she jokes in the video. 

See what everyone else had to say in the video above. 

How would you answer that question? Let us know in the comments! 


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