Jimmy Kimmel Has Celebrities Read Awkward And Endearing Texts From Their Moms

"Hope you live long enough to see it in person."

This week, in honor of Mother's Day, Jimmy Kimmel took a break from asking celebrities to read mean tweets about themselves, and instead had them read real texts from their moms. However, considering the motherly meanness contained in a few of the texts, it's really not that different.

In previous years, Kimmel has asked his show's staffers to read their moms' texts. As the star-studded version of the segment proves, it doesn't really matter how famous you are — moms are still just as embarrassing and endearing as ever. (They may just have a few more requests for cars and Vegas vacations.)


Anna Faris started things off with her mom's rambling late-night text about her daughter's career, the importance of sunscreen, and co-star Allison Janney's Oscar-worthy talent. Meanwhile, Jack McBrayer's mom got a little passive-aggressive about the Christmas ornament he sent her, writing, "Hope you live long enough to see it in person."

But our favorite text of the bunch is probably the one Kristen Bell reads. "Hey Kristen," her mom begins casually, before requesting a list of Oscar winners from host Jimmy Kimmel so "I can win at my Oscar party." We have to admire her for trying.

Hear all the hilarious texts in the video below:


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