PSA Demonstrates Why Our Conversations About Male Sexual Assault Survivors Need To Change

"He just needs to get over it."

Sexual assault is an issue that affects everyone, regardless of gender. Though awareness is growing, the conversation surrounding sexual assault often leaves out just how many men are affected.

One in 6 men are survivors of childhood sexual abuse — and considering how many incidences aren't reported, that estimate might be low. This staggering statistic doesn't get the attention it deserves, because unfortunately, many see sexual assault as a women's issue. Twenty-one million men today can tell you that it's not, but the mindset in these conversations first needs to change.

A new video by the sexual assault and domestic violence organization Joyful Heart Foundation attempts to address that. Celebrities such as Courteney Cox and Hillary Swank recite the kinds of things that come up in conversations about sexual assault of men, like, "What kind of a man would let that happen to him? and "Boys will be boys," to show how male victims' assaults are dismissed.

Watch the powerful video yourself:


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