Nick Jonas, Jon Hamm, And 27 Other Celebrities Read Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' In The Most Dramatic Way

We'd like to thank you all for this.

"Is it too late to say I'm sorry that I don't know the song 'I'm Sorry' by Justin Bieber?" Jon Hamm asks at the start of Vanity Fair's latest dramatic reading session.

From there on out, 28 celebrities join Hamm in reciting the lyrics to Bieber's "Sorry" in their own dramatic fashion. For instance, John Krasinski and Nick Jonas channel their emotional sides while Chelsea Handler, Gabrielle Union, and Natasha Lyonne appear to be holding back their smiles. 

But no matter what they're saying, each of the featured celebrities put their own personal spin on the lyrics. And by the end, we've got one hilarious, slightly bizarre, and dramatic spoken version that's sure to make Bieber proud. 

Be sure to watch the full video below:

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