Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, And Other Celebrities Confess Their Irrational Fears

Guess who's afraid of public speaking.

There's another thing that can link you to your favorite celebrity and that's fear. For some people, no amount of money or Oscar nominations can keep them from feeling an irrational sense of anxiety toward certain places, experiences, and things. 

In a new video for Vanity Fair, more than 20 celebrities including Lupita Nyong'o, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Amy Adams reveal the irrational fears they just can't shake. For some, seeing a spider can make their skin crawl. Others cited flying as their irrational fear, which, for a celebrity, has to suck since it's such a big part of their careers. These two may sound like pretty standard stuff, but don't worry, there are some pretty weird fears recited, too.

For starters, Ryan Gosling's. "That I'm going to get selfied to death," he said. 

Check out the rest in the video below: 

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