Artist Subs Barbie In For Men In Famous Artwork To Prove An Excellent Point

'Last Supper Barbie,' anyone?

Catherine Théry, an art director with a 30-year tenure, finds Barbies to be mythical. She also sees them as great segue to deliver important messages and that's the case for her latest artwork on exhibit at the Teodora Gallery in Paris. 

The Parisian artist told A Plus that she sees Barbies as "miniature women" and decided to reimagine them in famous masterpieces in a series she calls Pas celles que vous croyez, aka Not the ones you think."

"The Barbies play all the roles, male and female," she told A Plus. She uses the Barbies to break the confines of traditional gender roles. Most of the paintings feature men, but Théry flips the script, er, image.

In "The Last Supper" painting, she replaces all of the men with women, the Barbies. In doing so, she hopes to spark questions, such as "women's place in the religion," she said. She also uses them to address other social issues, such as gay marriage, as seen in the "American Gothic" recreation.

"I have confronted two myths: masterpieces of the art history and this mythic doll," she wrote.

Check out her work below.


1. Happy Meal (The Last Supper)

2. My Body Belongs To Me (Olympia)

3. Gothic Couple (American Gothic)

4. Pic-nic Chic (Luncheon On The Grass)

5. A Fly On The Apple of Adam (The Son of Man)

6. Human Subject (The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp)

7. Bridge (The Scream)

8. God Crea Women (The Creation of Adam)

9. Ladies Hearts (The Card Players)

10. The Nobleman With His Hand on His Chest

11. Not Born Last Rain (The Birth of Venus)


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