'Catherine' Is The Story Of A Single Mom's Journey To Happiness

Love and determination go a long way.


There are 9.9 million single mothers in America. Each of them has a unique and profound story, but some stand out amongst others.

The short video above features one such woman named Catherine. Created by a network of filmmakers calling themselves STATELESS Media, "Catherine" is the first in a series of portraits by STATELESS, featuring ordinary people around the globe going through life-changing experiences. 

When Catherine was a teen, she had a one night stand with a co-worker. Not long after, she found out she was pregnant, and alone. But driven by a love for her soon-to-be daughter Madeline, and the will of a mother, Catherine made sure her story was not filled with regret, but instead filled with happiness. 

"I remember just laying there and thinking, 'alright it's you and me,'" she says in the video. "Even just stating those words in an empty room to a child that I hadn't met yet had so much meaning."

Not long after giving birth, Catherine met Michael. They moved into a van, where they still live. The growing family has come a long way since, and now Catherine is even a successful wedding photographer.  

Watch the video above to see how the rest of her story unfolds. 

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