This Casual Guy's Beatboxing Has Crazier Beats Than Even The Pros


Nagesh Reddy is a 20-year-old from Mumbai, India who just might be the world's best casual beatboxer. His Instagram features him dropping into insane beats with the most deadpan look you've ever seen, but the sounds he makes are anything but tame.


Not bad, right?

Reddy told BuzzFeed India, "I started beatboxing three years ago, when I was looking for some food-related videos on YouTube or something. Instead, I found a video by The Fat Boys, who are beatboxing pioneers. I was immediately hooked."

And a low-key star was born. Check out more of his beats:

Here he is in the great outdoors.

Here he is chilling at home.

And in the bathroom.

And ... at school?

The guy's a legend.

Check out more raps on his Instagram.

Cover image: Nagesh Reddy Instagram


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