Many People Told Her To Remove That Hairy Birthmark. Instead, This Girl Chose To Celebrate Her Individuality.

Born to stand out.

Cassandra Naud is definitely not your average woman. But not because she has a large patch of hair on her right cheek.


Naud is special because instead of resenting what makes her different, she chooses to embrace it.

Naud was born with a unique condition, also known as hypertrichosis, which makes hair grow excessively on certain areas of the body.

Per The Daily Mail, her parents were presented with the option to remove the birthmark right after she was born. However, the procedure would have possibly scarred Naud's face for the rest of her life, so her parents decided to pass.

22 years later, she says she is thankful to her parents for their decision. 

Even though it caused her a lot of problems in school, Naud says her birthmark is a huge part of the type of person she is now.

"My birthmark makes me unique and memorable [...] It is who I am, and I honestly don't feel it has ever held me back," Naud told Best Daily.

Despite her confidence, Naud says she constantly receives comments from people who think she should remove the hairy patch. One agent even told her to Photoshop it.

Now a successful professional dancer, Cassandra Naud says her birthmark makes her memorable and is an advantage in her career. She showcases her unique beauty on Instagram with hashtags like #BeautyRebel and #InMySkinIWin.

Watch Naud's dance reel below to get an idea of what an amazing young woman she really is.

"The best thing in life is finding someone who knows your flaws, your mistakes and your weaknesses and still think you're completely amazing," Naud wrote on Twitter.

(H/T: Best DailyThe Daily Mail)

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