Best Friends Take Stand Against Inequality And Islamophobia With Help Of Cleverly Designed Costumes

You'll love their secret superpower.

In the quest to find the most empowering Halloween costume of 2016, look no further than a pair of 13-year-olds in capes from Laguna Niguel, California.

Casey Pearlman — who is Jewish — and her best friend Yasmin Idris — who is Muslim — celebrated their respective heritages by dressing up as a superhero team called "Juslims."

"I'm Muslim and she's Jewish," Idris told BuzzFeed. "I'm black and she's white. I think it's really empowering for people to see us as role models in saying let's stop the war and to show equality between all people."

The term "Juslims" reportedly originated from a comment made by Pearlman's father, Jeff, about everything that the religions have in common. On Saturday, he posted a photo of the teens to Twitter and wrote that he's "rarely been more proud" of his daughter. The photo received over 98,000 likes.


While this is certainly not the first time that members of the two religions united in solidarity, the photo's impact is more pronounced given the recent political climate and rise in Islamophobia.

"When we realized that we were standing up to what [xenophobic pundits believe], that kinda made me really happy," Pearlman told BuzzFeed.

As for the incredible superpower that the Juslims have?

"To watch each other's back," Idris said.


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