Even Cartoons Age In This Artist's Clever Reimagining Of Our Favorite Characters

Whoa, the last 20 years just set in on us.

We all grew up with the likes of Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird and more. However, in cartoon land, characters don't age. 

They always stay the same, ready to join up with the Tunesquad and Jordan to take on the Monstars.


One artist though, by the name of Tarusov, had the great idea of reimagining our favorite cartoons as if they aged like us normal folk.

The results are actually quite shocking and all of a sudden, we feel really, really old. Wow, has it been that long already? Time to get our Hotwheels, flip on Nickelodeon and relive the glory days. Aww...

We're not sure if somewhere along the way Porky Pig decided to join up with De Niro and Joe Pesci, but he clearly is going for the elderly mobster look with this one.

Born pre-World War II, Daffy now needs a crane to get away from Elmer. All that running has clearly taken a toll on his knees.

Daisy is no longer the spring chicken she once was at 75.

Tom and Jerry have traded in their antics for IV's and a cane. At least they finally settled their interspecies differences

Bugs and Lola seemed to have lived happily ever after and hopefully have a few wabbits of their own by now.

Sylvester still won't let Tweety get some rest even at the age of 73.

Like Porky, Mickey seems to have joined up with Keyser Soze and the gang.

Even the greats have to call it a career at some point.


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