This Artist Shows The World What Your Favorite Characters Really Look Like

Groundbreaking and funny.

Have you ever wondered if your favorite cartoon characters were really in disguise?  Artist Alex Solis did — and it inspired his "Icons Unmasked" series. His brilliantly funny illustrations feature popular cartoon characters removing their symbolic masks and showing who they really are underneath.

Here are 15 cartoon characters unmasked. You won't believe what lies beneath!


1. This changes anime.

2. This one is slightly expected.

3. Some people mix them up already.

4. Pokemon might not be the same again.

5. No wonder he's always so angry.

6. This would make for an interesting plot twist.

7. Oh, Barney.

8. What a Beast.

9. Tweety is just trying to hide from Sylvester.

10. He still wants lasagna.

11. Realistic on some levels.

12. Let it go.

13. Most people expected this one.

14. Of course he's a robin...

15. ...and he's a bat.

(H/T: Design Taxi)


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