This Woman's Celebrity Impressions Are So Accurate, It Feels Like We're Seeing Double

You'll have to readjust your eyes and ears after this one.

Meet Carlie Craig, a Los Angeles-based actress who also likes to go by "Ariana Grande impostor."

Do not worry, though. She's not an identity thief!

Apparently, Craig is no less famous for her on-point impressions than the myriad of other talents she has, such as singing, dancing, and even stand-up comedy.

Her latest impressions video features Craig transforming into seven different female celebrities and doing it so flawlessly, you'll be totally dumbfounded after watching it.

Watch the full video below:

Here are all the ladies from Craig's impression video once more. We're pretty sure she's a human chameleon.

Carlie as Iggy Azalea.

Carlie as Lorde.

Carlie as Gwen Stefani.

Carlie as Ariana Grande.

"So much weave. SO MUCH WEAVE!"

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