Brave Student Stands Up To School That Shamed Her Outfit And Suspended Her

Raising awareness.

Carey Burgess is not your typical troublemaker.

The 17-year-old student at Beaufort High School in South Carolina is the student body president, junior marshal a recipient of the Palmetto Fellows.

On Tuesday, this stellar student received a suspension from school.


And it was all because she was wearing this normal outfit.

Mrs. Woods, an administrator at the school, approached Burgess in the hallway on Tuesday. According to a Facebook post by Burgess, Mrs. Woods said, "Your skirt is too short. You need to go to in-school suspension and then go home."

Burgess, who felt the punishment was unnecessary, wrote about the incident in a Facebook post that has been shared over 10,000 times.

"Thank you for letting me know that while I may think that I am dressing up for my Teacher Cadet lesson, I am in fact dressing to go to a night club or the whore house," Burgess wrote on Facebook. "Thank you for bringing me to tears in front of my friends and classmates because you do not have the decency to pull me aside and explain the problem."

Although the official school policy for Beaufort High School states that skirts should be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee when standing, Burgess says that she was been accused of breaking the policy before, even though her outfits are clearly appropriate for school.

"I wore the sweater (again) because the dress code is so shaky — some days it's OK, other days they'll tell me to take it off," Burgess said to the Island Packet.

It turns out that the outfit controversy is just the tip of the iceberg at Beaufort High School.

Burgess described the discrimination she has encountered repeatedly at Beaufort High School.

"I don't where I would be without your misogynistic views," she wrote on Facebook. "How could I go on without a certain math teacher making sexist jokes all class? How could I survive without my science professor letting me know I am an inferior woman? Yes, I am a woman. I am woman with thighs, a butt, and a brain. I am bigger than Beaufort High School. All of us are. Maybe instead of worrying about my skirt, Beaufort High should take notice of its incompetent employees, and sexist leaders."

Other female students at Beaufort High School commented in Burgess' Facebook post and agreed with her view about the sexist environment in the classrooms.

 "I was shocked to find out how many girls at all Beaufort County schools feel oppressed and discriminated against in the classroom," Principal Corey Murphy said to the Island Packet.

And how does Principal Murphy feel about the administrator who suspended Burgess?

According to the Island Packet, Murphy said the administrator handled it "just like I would have expected her to and the same way we would have handled any other kid in the same situation."

(H/T: Island Packet)


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