The 15 Types Of People Who Sing In The Car

A very scientific breakdown.


Since eating straight cookie dough while driving is generally frowned upon, your next best bet while trying to not have a meltdown in traffic is to belt out Mariah Carey's discography. We've all been there. But what kind of car singer are you? Are you a bold vibrato enthusiast? Or do you try to play it cool and wait until no one's watching?

1. The Abusive Drummer.

2. The Street Performer.

3. The Broken Radio Singer.

4. The Word Swallower.

5. The Christina Aguilera.

6. Strong & Wrong.

7. The Insecure Belter.

8. The Channel Changer.

9. The Impersonator.

10. The Acapella Junkie.

11. The Baby.

12. The Kanye.

13. The Dad.

14. Too Cool For School.

15. The Showman.


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