After Removing The Implants From Her Double Mastectomy, This Cancer Survivor Says She's Never Felt More Like A Woman

"This is how I'm meant to be."

In their Dispelling Beauty Myths series, Allure magazine, along with StyleLikeU, have featured people across the beauty spectrum, from those who have alopecia, to women with muscles, to people with vitiligo

In their latest installment, cancer survivor Samantha Paige shares what it's like to have a double mastectomy, dispelling the myth that breasts are essential for all women to feel feminine.

"I had just gotten off my flight from [Los Angeles] and walked to go and hop in a cab. The guy turned around and he sort of, at first glance, just said, 'Oh, I'll be right with you, sir," Paige begins in the video, adding that these encounters happen monthly. "It shocks me every time, and makes me really stop and think, 'is it 'cause I don't have boobs anymore?"

Paige continues talking about going for a routine checkup and learning that she had thyroid cancer, just after taking a junior year abroad. She remembers feeling pressure to get married and have children, and eventually, she gave birth to a daughter, had a double mastectomy, and got implants.


"The implants were heavy, and uncomfortable, and didn't move around at all. I know I wasn't cognizant of how uncomfortable I was, but I detached from them," she says. Paige explains that she wanted to be a "good mother," and wanted to fit this physical mold that other women in Southern California fit into.

But in 2016, after spending New Year's with her daughter, she realized she wasn't living her own truth. She met with her daughter about getting her implants removed, and felt "excited to be flat."

After surgery, Paige says she woke up and took a deep breath.

"And I could actually breathe," she says, tearing up. "This is how I'm meant to be. This feels as if this is me. Which is why I think I have so much cause for pause and thinking when I hear someone call me sir. It's because I've never felt more feminine. I feel more like a woman than ever before without my breasts."

Though some women may feel differently, hopefully Paige's personal story will help dispel the myth that all women need breasts to feel feminine. 

Check out her full interview in the video below:

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