This Cancer-Beating Toddler Taught Herself To Wheel The Way Other Kids Learn To Crawl

"Nothing can stop her."


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada toddler Evelyn Moore wheels herself with the dexterity that other babies her age are crawling with.

What's more, the 13-month-old taught herself how, thanks to a wheelchair specially made by her father. 

Diagnosed with a spinal tumor at just 4 months old, Evelyn — called Eva by her family — underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy before the cancer finally went into remission.

It was after the chemo, CBC News reports, that doctors told her parents Kim and Brad that their daughter was permanently paralyzed below the arms.

Doctors told her parents that she would eventually learn to crawl by dragging her body with her arms and that by the age of 2, they could start looking into wheelchairs. 

"I guess that wasn't a good enough answer for me," Kim Moore told CBC News.

Brad Moore modeled the chair after his wife found one on Pinterest and built it in his garage using a Bumbo chair, a kitchen cutting board, and the wheels from a child's bicycle.

Now Eva is wheeling like a pro.

"The willpower that she has, and how adaptable she is to her situation, is something I never really expected," Brad said in a telephone interview with CBC. "And how quickly she's grasping it has really blown me away. ... Nothing can stop her."

(H/T: Love What Matters)


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