Guy Finds A Drunk Stranger In His Bed, Shows Us All How To Politely Handle It

"It was nice meeting you."

If you got home and found a complete stranger sleeping in your bed, chances are, you'd call the police. But that's not what one Canadian man named Jordan did 

According to redditor kl4ssy, Jordan had just moved into his new house in North Vancouver, Canada, with four other roommates. 

One night, a stranger found his way into the house, and decided to take a good night's sleep in Jordan's bed, like it was no biggie. But instead of kicking the man out, Jordan politely woke him up and captured their conversation on film.

The interaction was pretty hilarious. Check it out below:

"Dude, you're in a completely wrong house[....]. You're literally in my bed right now," he told the stranger in the video above. "Man, you're going to be so rattled when you wake up in the morning."

Realizing the intruder might have had one drink too many, Jordan even offered a spare bed to crash for the night. Only in Canada, as some YouTube commenters point out. 

As it turned out the stranger actually used to live in the house months ago and his friends dropped him off after a night of partying without realizing he had actually moved. The drunk guy had clearly forgotten that himself too.

The video ends with a pleasant "It was nice meeting you." 

Absolutely brilliant. 

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