Watch Cameron Diaz And Jimmy Fallon Drink Disgusting Concoctions

This game is as gross as it is entertaining.

We don't exactly have this authority, but we're crowning him anyway: Jimmy Fallon is the king of late show games. From Musical Impressions to Password, we just can't get enough of his playful antics. More, please! 

In his latest effort to get celebrities to join in on all the fun, actress Cameron Diaz played a game of "Drinko" with the host. During this game, each participant takes turns climbing up stairs and dropping two discs into random cups filled with different kinds of liquids. Usually, the other participant would be doing the drinking, but Diaz decided to switch it up this time. Instead, she decided whatever concoctions were chosen should be consumed by the person who picked them. 

In the first round, Diaz lands a kale smoothie mixed with salsa verde. If you gagged a little just reading that, you're not alone. Although Diaz seemed to completely love it. 

"This is like my dream. This is like the best case scenario for me," she says. She even does a little dance afterward. 

When it's Fallon's turn, a disc once again lands in salsa verde. But this time, it's got to be mixed with some prune juice. 

"I don't know if I'm ever playing this game again," he says after taking a sip. 

See what else they drink in the video below:


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