Cam Newton Gave A Touchdown Ball To A 6-Year-Old, But Had No Idea It Fulfilled A Father's Last Wish

"God winked"

Whenever the undefeated Carolina Panthers score a touchdown, star quarterback Cam Newton hands the ball out to a kid in the stands.


That was no different when the Panthers scored a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, November 8.

However, the way this played out was a bit different than usual.

After the Panthers scored a touchdown, Cam Newton picked up the ball, but a player on the Packers, Julius Peppers, knocked the ball out of Newton's hands towards the side of the endzone.

This had a few consequences.

Newton usually runs towards the middle of the endzone to give the ball away, but because the ball got knocked away, it led him to a different section of the Bank of America stadium, straight to Colin Toler, who was at his first NFL game.

Since Newton had to go in that direction, "that led him to Toler, whose grandfathers brought him to his first NFL game to fulfill a promise made by Toler's father (Benjamin)," as ESPN noted, who passed away six weeks ago at age 32 from a heart condition.

As his grandmother, Laura, stated, "If it weren't for Julius Peppers, Cam would have run the other way and given the ball to another child, and you never would have heard about Colin...A lot of my friends said it was a God wink."

And what did Colin think of the entire situation? He was just pretty stoked to be on the jumbotron.

As ESPN reported, "I was like, 'Oh gosh, oh gosh!' "Am I going to be on the big screen or am I going to be on TV?' I was jumping up and down like, 'Yeah!'"

Well, now his first NFL game will also be the most memorable.

Pretty cool. Way to go Cam.



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