Artist Creates Exquisitely Detailed Sculptures Entirely Out Of Paper

You've never seen anything like this.


We've featured the work of Canadian paper sculptor Calvin Nicholls before, but we felt that art as carefully and meticulously crafted as his deserves a deeper look. 

Nicholls, as you're about to see, has a very particular gift for creating three-dimensional sculptures of animals so hyperrealistic, they almost seem to have a life of their own. Rather than using paint or ink, however, Nicholls' creatures are painstakingly made by piecing together surgically cut pieces of white archival paper.

Each piece begins as a sketch.

He traces shapes from the sketch onto heavy pieces of paper to form the body of the sculpture.

Once the body is formed, he slowly layers strips of paper to create fur, feathers, and whiskers: no detail is too small.

"Cuts are made with scalpels and x-acto knives on a plastic cutting mat or cutting board," he writes on his website. "Small scissors can work if you go slow and cut in very smooth motions. Use a very small amount of glue on a toothpick - too much will ripple the paper."

The final result is breathtakingly life-like.

For more examples of Nicholls' amazing work, please visit the portfolios on his website. Prints, sculptures, and custom work are available for purchase as well. 

You may also visit him on Facebook.

(H/T: Wimp)


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