Want To Stay In Shape During The Holidays? These Images Show Exactly How Much Of Each Food You Need To Consume

Go easy on that eggnog.

Before you start calling us grinchy, know we are no different than everybody else. Our Christmas dinners include but are never limited to sampling all the stuff that is on the table (several times, at least) and trying to keep it together in front of our nosy relatives.

However, one thing we are really tired of is that feeling of guilt and regret when we step on the scales after the holidays and they're like: KAPOW! 

See, Joey gets it.

So this year we decided to try something new and unexplored.

Folks at Calorific, an extremely simple dieting app, did a great job preparing  this cheat sheet which visualizes what 200 calories of every Christmas food look like. 

It's important to be informed about what you're eating so that you can make the choices that are right for your body. And with the cheat sheet, you can make the perfect holiday menu without being too harsh on yourself (or feeling like you have to buy a 24/7 gym membership). 

Either way, we're confident you'll sparkle in that super tight dress you bought for New Year's Eve. You go, girl.

Christmas ham, 200 cl in 174 g

Roast potatoes, 200 cl in 183 g

Brussels sprouts, 200 cl in 690 g

Honey glazed carrots, 200 cl in 242 g

Smoked salmon, 200 cl in 106 g

Roast duck, 200 cl in 59 g

Cranberry sauce, 200 cl in 125 g

Mince pie, 200 cl in 53 g

Mini pretzels, 200 cl in 52 g

Clementines, 200 cl in 444 g

Champagne, 200 cl in 308 ml

Mulled wine, 200 cl in 182 ml

Eggnog, 200 cl in 142 ml

And now, for the sweet-tooths: Gingerbread, 200 cl in 56 g

Candy canes, 200 cl in 47 g

Chocolate Santas, 200 cl in 55 g

Yule chocolate log, 200 cl in 50 g

Receive even more dieting tips and information by downloading the Calorific app.

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