'Phubbing' Might Ruin Your Relationship, But You're Not Alone

Phubbing is real, and it's a problem.

"Phubbing" is the word people are using for "partner phone snubbing," an act we've all been guilty of. But apparently, it could be a bigger deal than you think. 

According to an experiment in the Computers In Human Behavior Journal46.3 percent of people said they've experienced phubbing from a significant other, while 22.6 percent admit that phubbing was something that caused problems in their relationships.

In fact, there's a website started called StopPhubbing.com, encouraging people to get off their phones and get together with their partner. Perhaps most concerning, though, was that nearly 37 percent of the 453 adults surveyed said they felt depressed after being phubbed. 


BuzzFeedYellow took a closer look at the problem:

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