Women Get The Features They Always Thought They Wanted, Realize They're Not All That After All

"How do you feel about my new butt?"


We all have things we wish we could change about our bodies, but would our lives really be better if we had them? 

In a recent BuzzFeed video, part of its Ladylike series, three women participated in an experiment to find out for themselves. Each woman got a feature she always wanted. One sported larger breasts thanks to a push-up bra and "chicken cutlets," another used colored contacts to have blue eyes, and the last put on butt pads to appear curvier. 

They then wore the new features for one full day to see how it would feel to finally have what they'd yearned for all this time.

Once the day was over, they shared their experiences and whether or not they still desired to have their new body part for real. 

"I think it's  totally normal to want what you can't have and when you actually get it you don't feel like your true self," one of the women noted after the experiment. "There's not a problem with seeing what different things look like, but at the end of the day, you are you. And you should be proud of it." 

Watch all three women's experiences in the video above. 


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