Before You Go And Try To Hook Up With A Friend, You Should Watch This First

A hilarious look at this common scenario.

Love is tough to find, and sometimes we go looking in all the wrong places.

In a hilarious video from BuzzFeedYellow, one such place is explored: when you try to get laid by your friend. The situation is all-too-common and usually born out of a minor crush, some serious lust or just a general desperation. 

But if it were to happen, how would it go down? What would you say? Who would break the ice? There are a lot of questions when it comes to awkwardness like this, and this video explores all of them. 


First, it may start with some talk about spooning...

Invariably, your mom will walk in.

There will be a moment...

And then it will disappear.

But she'll reconsider... briefly.

And then you guys will get awkward again.

Of course, you may get desperate...

But will it work?

Nah, probably not.

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