Best Friends Get Naked In Front Of Each Other — Drop Some Serious Body-Positive Wisdom


Your bestie most likely knows everything about your life goals and boy troubles, right? You surely trust her with all your secrets. But has she seen you butt-naked? 

Now, for the latest video BuzzFeed, the site decided to put three pairs of best friends to the test, capturing their reactions when they toss all their clothes away in front of each other. Needless to say, their reactions were absolutely precious.

Scroll down to see for yourself.

One, two, three ... and voilà!

"You should have mad nipple confidence," one of the ladies tells her BFF. "You got great nips, dude."

"I was scared to be judged, but I knew you wouldn't judge me," another one confesses.

Turns out you just need to show your booty to your bestie to get a proper confidence boost. 

Go, girls!


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