Beautiful Short Film Reveals How The Best Things About Love Are Also The Simplest

It's not the grand gestures, but rather the tiny moments.


Singaporean video production company Butterworks specializes in a very particular kind of filmmaking: the kind that digs deep into the human heart to consider the parts of life that often go unarticulated. 

The goal behind Butterworks is simple: "Tell stories to inspire, to crack you up, making your life a little butter (better)!" They do so in one of our favorite mediums: the short film

Their videos, which appear on their YouTube channel on the 11th and 22nd of every month, speak to experiences of love, fear, rejection, and hope in ways that transcend shallow cultural differences.

Their latest video, "Simplicity Is Love," reflects on what endears us to those whom we enter into romantic relationships with as seen through the lenses of loss, distance, and longing. It begins with a lone man whose narration is carried by the voice of someone whose experiences have altered the way he thinks about love. We see in flashback how he once believed that love is built on the grand gesture, the outpouring of affection, love as performance.

As he goes on, however, we see that those things left little impression at all: that they were only moments, singular and detached from his longing. 

"Simplicity is Love" will remind you that while romance and dates and the initial fireworks of a relationship are wonderful, it's what remains between you two as the stars in your eyes begin to fade that is truly beautiful. 

For more from Butterworks, visit them on Facebook and YouTube.

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