Butterfly Almost Ruins Woman's Performance Of A Lifetime After Landing On Her Head

Shoo, (butter)fly, don't bother me.

During a competition of any kind, most people worry about nerves or forgetting their lines or music or moves, but they definitely don't worry about butterflies — until now, that is.

While performing a flute solo at the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Denmark, a strange creature fluttered in and landed on none other than the one person who really couldn't afford to have any distractions: Chicago-based flutist Yukie Ota during her performance.

As the video above shows, she continues playing like nothing phases her, not even a butterfly on her face. Only at the end of her set does she lightly swat the creature away.

Now that's focus. Brava, Yukie!

(H/T: NPR)

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