Student's Account Of The Beautiful Exchange Between A Bus Driver And Homeless Man Goes Viral

"A little bit of kindness really can go a long way."

One bus driver's act of kindness has touched the hearts of thousands of people thanks to a single Facebook post. 

University student AnnaMarie McDaniel was on her way home from class in Belfast, Northern Ireland, when she watched her bus driver stop the bus and try to give a homeless man a coat. According to her Facebook post — which has since gone viral more than 3,000 shares in 16 hours — the bus passes the man every day. This time, he was drenched from the rain. 

"The bus man driving the 10H that I was on stopped the bus beside the man and called him over. He then hands him a big plastic bag and told him that he was hoping to see him today — he'd bought him a winter coat," she wrote. "The man refused to take the bag, but the driver was adamant that the man take it as he had gone out and bought it for him." 


"I have never seen a smile like the one on the homeless man's face," she wrote.

She explained how a little bit of kindness really can go a long way and many commenters agreed. 

"Such a wonderful gesture by the Bus Driver!!" one wrote. "There still are people who are kind to others who are homeless!!"



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