Man Sets Fire To A Lake, Boils Coffee On It Like It's No Big Deal

Real-life MacGyver?

Ever see a frozen lake that looks like this? You might want to be careful around it ...


These beautiful bubbles that you see trapped underneath the ice surface are actually filled with highly flammable methane gas

Scientists sometimes refer to them as "ice grenades." And the name is very on point. 

See, these innocent-looking bubbles harvest the gas from decomposed organic matter, such as trees and animals. And while pure methane trapped in a bubble is fairly harmless, once the gas is released and mixes with oxygen, it becomes explosive. Meaning just a tiny flick of fire can cause a big BOOM!

Once the ice thaws, methane is released into the atmosphere and, according to scientists, contributes to global warming.

However, some researchers also believe this leaking methane could be used as an alternative energy source by capturing and burning it.

Aquatic ecologist and biogeochemist Katey Walter Anthony has already been experimenting with it for quite some time in remote areas such as Alaska and Siberia.

Witness the flammable methane bubbles in action in this video by Norwegian nature enthusiast Rune Pettersen:


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