Watch A 92-Year-Old WWII Veteran Throw A Laser First Pitch Over Memorial Day Weekend

The man's got an arm.

Memorial Day weekend is a popular time to get away from the hustle for a few days, but often the true meaning of the holiday isn't fully appreciated. So leave it to America's pastime to remind us.

Before a Seattle Mariners MLB game over the weekend, the team invited World War II veteran Burke Waldron to the mound to throw the ceremonial first pitch. Not only did fans get a peek at the services he rendered in his prime, but they also got to witness a 92-year-old man display the energy of someone half his age. After running out to the pitcher's mound, Waldron waved animatedly toward the crowd, threw a laser to catcher Steve Clevenger, and then hustled over to him to get an autograph.

The veteran joined the navy in 1943, served at Pearl Harbor for some time, and retired from the military in 1946 as a petty officer, 2nd class. Seventy years later, he looks just as spritely as he must have been back then.

Watch Waldron's heater below:


(H/T: Yahoo! Sports)

Cover image: MLB


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