This Short Film Mashes Up Dozens Of Movie Phone Calls To Make The Funniest Conversation Ever

"Ghostbusters. What do you want?" "Can you bring me my chapstick?"

In some movies, phone calls are a big deal. In others, not so much. However, there now exists a movie where the phone calls are the only thing that matters.

Film company Burger Fiction has released 'Movie Phone Super Call' that has expertly combined phone conversations from dozens of disparate movies into one, big, epic conversation.


It all starts when the phone rings.

From there, the conversation gets really interesting. Snippets from dozens of film phone calls have been spliced together to make a hilarious conversation. Some, like the scene from Napoleon Dynamite and Taken are among the most memorable parts in the movie, but others were fairly fleeting moments that become truly amazing when put in this new context.

The mashup is pretty good all the way through, but some combinations seem like they were meant to be. 

"Show me the money!" "If you shut up for five minutes, I can tell you where the money is."

Stars like Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, and Leonardo DiCaprio all have their place in the conversation, and it is just too good.

Though you'll never want them to hang up on this epic conversation, all good things must come to an end.

Check out the "Movie Phone Super Call" here:

[All images via: Burger Fiction]

[H/T: Sploid]

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