29 Photos Of Four Mind-Numbingly Adorable Bunnies All From One Instagram Account

They're the bunny bunch.

Meet Eddy, Rambo, Marbee & Olive Tan.

(Top leftt: Eddy, top right: Rambo (RIP), bottom left: Marbee, bottom right: Olive)

They're house bunnies who live in Vancuver, Canada with their human mom. She refuses to show her face, but posts photos of the fantastic four almost every day on her Instagram account aptly named "Bunnymama."

But the account serves a purpose greater than showing off cute bunny pictures. She uses her IG, along with her website eddyrambo.com, to educate others on proper rabbit care — and show how similar they are to other pets.

The account began to pick up steam as Bunnymama posted photos of her first two rabbits, Eddy and Rambo, who has since passed away from health complications. But now boasts over 500,000 followers and two new members of the family: Olive and Marbee.

She'll use some posts to teach that bunnies can use a litterbox just like cats and also relays information to her followers about the importance of their health care (they do require vet care and they actually aren't meant for an outdoor hutch), diet (treats like carrots are only good for rabbits in small amounts because of the sugar) and grooming (they require daily brushing so they don't ingest their fur and develop G.I. stasis, one of the top bunny killers).

While the account serves an amazing purpose — to teach and advocate on behalf of domesticated bunnies — it's also one of the places on Instagram that will give you immediate happiness.


See for yourself:



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