A Swarm Of 'Rabbit Island' Bunnies Attack This Guy But He Doesn't Mind

I tried counting but then... d'awww.

This video of a man getting willingly taken over by a bunch of cute hungry bunnies proves our point. It is the first episode of a Bunny Island Series filmed in Okunoshima, a small island in Japan. Okunoshima is often called Usagi Jima, the Rabbit Island, because of its large population of freely roaming feral rabbits.

Bunny lovers behind the YouTube channel mybbbuny say they go to great lengths to capture the incredible world of bunnies and promise to show it like we've never seen before.

Watch this guy ferociously overtaken by a hungry rabbit herd:

He wasn't the only one who got lucky. This girl is under the cuteness attack too:

Not exactly a bunny person? Then check out this incredible cat island in Japan.

(H/T: Tastefully Offensive)

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