People Are Loving This Mom's Post That Argues The '80s Were Easier For Parents

"For 45 minutes I've been comparing children's vitamins, reading online reviews, and, inflammatory blog posts backed by no science ... "

Parenting in the age of mommy bloggers, symptom checkers, and social media can be overwhelming for many men and women. Some parents, like Bunmi Laditan, yearn for a simpler time when it seemed easier to be a parent. 

The stressed out mom and author of the book Toddlers Are A**holes: It's Not Your Fault took to Facebook to share how much she wishes she could parent pre-internet. 

"Being a modern parent is terrible. I'd give my left kneecap to have parented in the 70s or 80s when all you had to do to be considered a good mom is to remember to wind down the windows when you smoke in the car," she wrote. "I'm not cut out for this. Do you know what I've been doing this morning? VITAMIN SHOPPING. For 45 minutes I've been comparing children's vitamins, reading online reviews, and, inflammatory blog posts backed by no science that I both fear and respect." 

The humorous post is accompanied by a photo of Laditan's computer screen showcasing a website that sells children's vitamins. Her post highlights just how taxing modern day parenting can be. 

"I own two good bras but I'm ready to spend upwards of $100 on children's vitamins, probiotics (these look like finely pressed cocaine and tastes like nothing but if you don't buy it your child dies), and supplements," she continued. 

She revealed that her intense vitamin research was sparked by the recent knowledge that the Disney Pixar "Cars" gummy vitamins she had been giving her children "are sugary trash that cause leprosy and ADHD."

"Nothing about modern parenting is simple and it irritates me. I've seen the way some parents look at me when I give my son a juice box at the park. It's juice, not Red Bull or margarita mix so calm down, Jackie yes I said your name," Laditan wrote. "So now, I'm about to spend an electricity bill on vitamins because in 2016, you don't really love your kids if you're not a paranoid mess about their physical well being and willing to spend a small fortune on dye-free toothpaste made in the woods that tastes like elderberry and privilege. If you need me, I'll be in front of my computer crying bitter tears and searching for phthalate-free bubble bath. I don't even know what a phthalate is." 

"We need to go back to this. For all of us," Laditan wrote.

Laditan's hilarious post is clearly resonating with parents everywhere considering it's been shared more than 68,000 times since it was posted just two days ago. Of course, no parent wants to put their kids at risk for any health problems, but sometimes the measures moms and dads feel pressured to take can feel a little overboard. 

In a comment on the original post, Laditan shares some advice for any parents who are having a bad day. "Bad days, really bad days come, but maybe the next one will be better," she wrote. "Even if tomorrow is worse at least I know I can get through it when I need to. Hang in there, guys."

Sometimes the internet is not your friend when it comes to parenting. It should be noted that the best place to get advice about your child's health is from your child's doctor. It'll save you time, effort, and many moments of frustration. 

(H/T: Huffington Post


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