Watch Bryan Cranston Transform Into LBJ In A Time-Lapse Of Makeup Artists Doing Their Thing

Day in, day out.

If you don't know Bryan Cranston by name, you probably know him by sight as the meth kingpin Walter White from AMC's Breaking Bad. If that doesn't ring any bells, you probably know him as the bumbling dad Hal on Fox's Malcolm in the Middle. If you have no idea who Bryan Cranston is at all, well, suffice it to say that he's an incredibly versatile actor that disappears into his characters. Drama or comedy, fictional stories or real, the guy turns in an authentic performance no matter what.

His latest project, an HBO movie titled All the Way based on Lyndon B. Johnson's ascent to the presidency after the John F. Kennedy's assassination, looks to be no different. In order to fully transform into LBJ, though, Cranston needed the help of extremely talented makeup artists and hair stylists every day on set.

A short time-lapse video from the premium network fast-forwards through the painstaking process of turning the actor into the spitting image of the former president. In less than 60 seconds, his hair is shaved, his face fixed with prosthetics, and much more. At the end of the video, Cranston stares straight into the camera, looking about as far from Walter White or Hal as we've ever seen him.

All the Way premieres on HBO May 21.

Watch the transformation for yourself:


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