Bruno Mars Gets Flirty With A Koala And Spits His Best Koala Puns In A Hilarious Video

"I’m over koala-fied!"

Bruno Mars certainly has a way with words — just take a listen to one or two of his songs to prove it. But who knew that the singer was so punny? 

Recently, Mars shared a hilarious video to his Instagram account featuring himself and a koala. In it, Mars flirts with the koala (and with the camera) by using a few koala-themed puns that are sure to make you smile. 

"Sup girl, maybe I can get your phone number so I can koala you up sometime," Mars says. "Take you on vacation, sip on some piña koalas. 'Cus I don't believe in quantity, I believe in koala-ty." All the while, George Michael's song "Careless Whisper" plays in the background, setting the tone. 

Mars also adds in his Instagram caption: "When it comes to spittin' that hot fire... I'm over koala-fied! Thank you, Australia for everything!"

At the time of the video, Mars was in Australia during his 24K Magic World Tour, People reports. The singer is set to perform still in Japan, China, Thailand, the United States, and more. 


So without further ado, here's Mars and the koala.

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