This Little Boy Just Said The Sweetest 3 Words His Sister Will Ever Hear

Amazingly cute


It seems everywhere we turn we see sad examples of sibling rivalry. Perhaps it's only natural to feel a sense of competition with that other guy vying for your parents' attention. 

But in the wonderful display of love and support in the footage above, a little boy named Elijah could not be more thrilled for his baby sister as she learns to walk. He wheels her across the floor and toward his bedroom, assuring her that she doesn't have anything to worry about and that she's doing a "great job, sister!" 

We love that three-word combination so much, we've decided to make it our Summer '15 catchphrase. 

So, if you ever feel like giving up or that nobody is supportive of the work you're doing, we just want you to know we think you're doing a...

Great job, sister! 

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