#BrosBeingBasic Shows Just How Fun Being Shamelessly Basic Is

So gloriously basic.

It's a glorious time to be basic. The pumpkin spice lattes are blooming, Taylor Swift's album is finally getting the credit it deserves, and we're already thinking of what Halloween costumes to coordinate with our squad. We'll probably be cats because we look hella cute with whiskers. We also heard the taco emoji is finally here, so we're too busy rejoicing to notice when people mock our basicness. Let them watch. Let them weep.

A bunch of bros in the Instagram Instaverse have been dipping into the deep, wonderful well of basicness we've been drinking from for years, and they're not turning back anytime soon. @BrosBeingBasic has been posting photos of dudes parodying the poses that are ubiquitous to "basic" girls, but we can't help wondering how many have been converted to the glorious world of shameless basicness through it. Sure they're trying to make fun of us, but we bet they can't deny they enjoyed those yoga stretches and bottles of rosé.


1. Living out our pony dreams.

2. Netflix and chillin'.

3. Casually luring sailors to their doom.

4. Fish bowls and s'mores xoxo.

5. Tiny dogs, big hearts.

6. Hot dogs or legs? We may never know.

7. When you forgot your mat at home.

8. Wining and dining.

9. If loving Nutella makes us basic, we don't ever want to be cool.

10. OK, but where are the cupcakes?

11. Off to the races.

12. Can't let them leave your side.

13. Always have a spotter.

14. Stocking up on crop tops.

15. Taken with a selfie stick?

16. Whenever you're ready to come back Zayn, we'll be ready.

17. Glaciers are so basic.

18. Yup.

19. <3.

20. These dudes finally get the big deal with cats.

21. This shot took so many tries to perfect.

22. We don't even know which inspirational quote works best here.

23. We, too, love our shirts completely sideless.


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