13 Illustrations That Show The Magic Of Mother-Daughter Relationships

"I love that as a mother, I can introduce Remy to things that I loved so dearly as a child."

The relationship between a mother and daughter is an incredibly special one. Illustrator Brooke Smart is capturing the precious moments with her 3-year-old, one drawing at a time. 

In her series 100 Days of Bringing Up Baby, the Utah-based artist is producing one drawing a day for 100 days that show an experience she's had with her daughter, Remy. She posts the illustrations on her Instagram with captions that further explain the moments and some of the triumphs and challenges of motherhood. 

"I'll be focusing on the crazy, wonderful world of parenthood," Smart wrote in her first post. 

From introducing Remy to a game she's loved as a child, to dealing with her daughter's white lies, Smart's drawings show that motherhood is full of teaching moments and fulfilling experiences. 

You can check out some of our favorite drawings from the series, which is still being completed, below: 


1. Day 1: "Combing Through The Rats Nest"

"Remy has a perpetual rats nest in her hair, so we do a lot of brushing, combing and braiding, but we never brush the one nice rat out of her nest, don't worry."

2. Day 8: "Bedtime Story"

"Sometimes the wrong one of us falls asleep during the bedtime story." 

3. Day 16: "Manicure"

"My nails have never looked better. Also, my fingers. So much nail polish."

4. Day 19: "The Big Show"

"Many performances happen over here. They all begin with my little diva introducing herself and greeting her audience (sometimes just me) as 'ladies and gentlemen.' And because, I suppose, I'm her stage manager, chair setter upper, director, and costume coordinator, she always addresses me as 'Brooke' during her shows. 'Thank you, Brooke.' 'Help me with this crown, Brooke.' 'Join me on stage, Brooke.' Ha." 

5. Day 21: "Tiny Sleeper"

"Sometimes, especially when she falls asleep in my arms, it feels like she's still a baby. One of my first thoughts in the hospital after they handed me this perfect human was that her life was in my hands. She had been entrusted to me and it was my job to keep her safe and to lead her down a good path in life. It was incredibly overwhelming, but also felt incredibly amazing. I try and will always try to do the best that I can as her mother." 

6. Day 32: "No Fun Getting Hurt"

"As it turns out, slamming your face into the stairs in the Chick-Fil-A play place is a terrible idea. Sometimes being a mom requires makeshift dental duties and doctoring duties, but the upside is that you are sometimes a three-year-old's mom of the year for dishing out all you can eat Popsicles at all hours of the day." 

7. Day 33: "Kitchen Helper"

"I have a little helper every time I cook. I scoop and she dumps. It's a good system and she always takes her reward in the form of pancake batter, cookie dough, frosting, or pie dough. Or even just dry pancake mix. Ha." 

8. Day 41: "Little Shadow"

"I have a little shadow. She copies everything I do and say. Yesterday she even had to have a towel on her head just like me. You know, because it's glamourous. Just like motherhood. Ha." 

9. Day 49: "Hopscotch"

"I love that as a mother, I can introduce Remy to things that I loved so dearly as a child. Hopscotch is one of those nostalgic, innocent playground things that popped into my head one day when we were sidewalk chalking it. I even had to look up how to draw it again. And now, she's a pro and can draw it one day on her own driveway with her child."

10. Day 50: "Project Runway"

"Fashion is always a discussion here and we like to do our own version of Project Runway, but we focus solely on the unconventional challenge. Our materials: toilet paper only. Our model: Kitty. Everyone wins and everyone claps and everyone looks fabulous. #makeitwork

11. Day 56: "Sewing"

"One day, she just decided that she wanted to learn to sew. Actually, she decided she wanted to knit (like Scarf Lady on Sarah & Duck) and she brought me two sewing needles and some thread. It took a minute, but we decided to switch to sewing. So far she's made Kitty many, many blankets from paper towels that she's carefully stitched together. Maybe someday we'll move on to actually sewing fabric together, but until then Kitty is quite comfortable with her warm and absorbent assortment of 'blankets.' "

12. Day 58: "Some Days Are Harder Than Others"

"Some days are harder than others. Some days the sun tricks us into thinking it's time to get up at 5 am and put on a tutu, even though it seems like one of us has only been asleep for a few hours and we'd both be happier tucked into our beds a bit longer. Some days it feels like we try to squeeze a whole day of tantrums into the first two hours. Some days it takes hours to tame our hair and resemble humans. And some days it really just doesn't get better. Luckily, bedtime does eventually come, and we are able to happily put these days behind us. Being a mom is really tough sometimes, but the good days far outnumber the bad and the happy moments outnumber the sad." 

13. Day 71: "Remy Fibs"

"An earring went missing from the counter the other day. Just one. When I questioned Remy about it, she thought about it for a minute, walked over to her dollhouse, poked around inside of it and then miraculously pulled the earring out of it, feigning surprise. When I asked her why she took it, she immediately stated, 'Oh, it wasn't me. It was my ghost friend, but she can't say she's sorry because she only speaks Japanese.' Also, she blames all of her farts on the dog, even if he's in the other room." 

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