The Broke College Kid's Guide To Doing Fun Things On The Weekend

You're young. You're broke. You better not be bored.

Ah, college. Four years of not realizing you're at your carefree social peak. Most look back on their undergraduate years with a nostalgia that pulls on the heartstrings so hard it's more like a full-on strum. For good reason, too — done right, it's a period in your life you'll never forget.

With that in mind, those lucky enough to still be in the thick of it should remember to soak in every moment they have. Often it can feel a little constraining to keep the good times going nonstop, given that most college kids don't make a lot of money and (hopefully) have parents that don't completely spoil them. A tight budget should never keep you from having fun, though, which is why we've put together a handy guide to doing college weekends right without drying up the money well.

If you're a broke college kid yourself, here's what you and your friends should do:


Go on a hike.


Hiking: it's cheap, it's exercise, and it's outside. How much more proud could you make your mom? Plus, the conversations that pop up while you're walking through the woods with your good friends are the best kind of conversations. When you're done, you'll be surprised to feel not only physically great, but mentally free as well.

Go camping.


While we're on the subject of being outside, why not sleep there, too? Camping and hiking go hand in hand, and if you think the conversations you have while on the trail are great, just wait until you're sitting around a campfire staring straight into the flames. Plus, a campsite split between a few friends costs almost nothing.

Get real, go camping.

Build something.


Don't have the money to buy stuff you and your friends want? Bored sitting around in a crappy apartment with no cool furniture? Build something.

Go to a hardware store to get the necessary materials, or a scrapyard to find some quirky stuff to start with, and get started even if you don't have a full vision right away. Build a shelf, a table, a bar, or something else. Just build.

Play games.


Whether it's playing on a TV, going portable with something like Monster Strike (on iPhone or Android), or a busting out a board strategy set like Settlers of Catan, a surefire way to have a good time with friends sans spending a cent is a simple game together.

Play ball.


Basketball, baseball, football, tennis, and beyond. Or you can get really ambitious and play sports that don't feature a ball — hockey, badminton, you name it. The outdoor sports world is yours.

Host a party.


This one's easy. Invite over a bunch of friends, have their friends bring their friends, and have yourself a weekend. Better yet, tell everyone it's a thrift shop party — costumes will be cheap, and you might even find some gems you'll keep around for later.

Cover image: Mircea via Flickr

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